Welcome back emotion on the line.
Your fraudulent schemes become my unreleased tracks.
Wait for it, I might get it played on the Billboard soon.

I said, No!
You just don’t know
You like the cover, but the cover is not the book.

Off with the head!
It is time to cut the grass from growing.
Never been so attractive to me. Not a bit.

I said, No!
You keep on coming back, but I said, No!
Close much? I just want to hit you with a shrug!

Back off!
You say sorry, but I’m sorry, No!
You know nothing and you’ll never know

I said, No!
Do not say sorry when everyone’s watching.
I might think this one’s for show.

When you think I’m finished – think again!
I have only just begun.
I cut you off!

I said, No!
That’s a no, no!
Case closed. The End.