If I Can’t Have You (Shawn Mendes Cover)

One thing that you should know about me is that I really love writing and I really love music. This time, I did a cover of a song called “If I Can’t Have You” by Shawn Mendes because I felt the message of the song and somehow it touches me in a way that when you hear it or sing it, you felt magic to the sad song and it constantly helps you heal to whatever pain you felt.

I love this song so much because of the message behind it. Thus, I made a cover of it, me singing it in a piano cover.

Feel free to hear it. Hopefully you will like it as much as I do. Thank you! 🙂





I mean a dream so mean.
It tears me up when after laughter comes tears.
I wish I was a bear that can bear cold nights.
Unfortunately, I cannot turn left and left what’s already there in front.

Once close, now close.
Desert the desert island of ambiguity made from different results.
Record the tragic love affair in the world record book.
As the pencil has a sharp point when they used to point at your mistakes in columns.

Like a rose made of plastic, I quickly rose from the fall.
They’re wrapped in an aluminum foil, but I always able to foil them all.
The drama you made me play at the play will be my strength.
So, bow your head in shame as you gave a bow to your king.

Shenanigans lie down deeper like statistics sometimes lie.
Scale a mountain top when you weigh on a scale.
Suit yourself in a gray suit.
The price is not fair when we go to the fair.



Call it fake.
But I would like to call it, authentic.

Call it insensitive.
But I would like to call it, warmth.

Call it childish.
But I would like to call it, learned.

Call it unappreciative.
But I would like to call it, grateful.

Call it hate.
But I would like to call it, care.

Call it goodbye.
But I would like to call it, hi!

Call it “you-get-used-to”.
But I would like to call it, sober.

Call it numb.
But I would like to call it, pain.

Call it change.
But I would like to call it, bliss.

Call it end.
But I would like to call it, restart.


I like the feeling of finding something real.
No pretenses. Just truth be told.

One tap. One hit. One look.
I could feel the warmth of the fireplace.

The innocence of youth in wrong chess moves
The sanity of the decision in court and never in question.

Didn’t realize, we’re golden.
I would have let it show; let you know.

Being mad is my way of bursting my intent emotion.
A sign that I care about to someone in a classic whisper of the air.

Good conversation blocking an interference.
Yet tongue tied up ended up with the first word uttered when you called.

You get used to it, as you said.
You don’t know how to listen when you are sober!

And now, you are beautifully numb.
But the eyes tell the otherwise.

No two are the same in identical clothes.
Fuck fake smiles! Pure happiness should be at the core.

“The end” is a wrong choice of words to speak out loud.
I call this a break – a hibernation. A restart.


It’s adorable that you think you know,
But you don’t.

The voices we heard that we’re ignoring.
To tell the truth. To tell short notice.

You know what I mean
You know what I believe in.

What’s the purpose? What’s the gain?
Words I repeatedly asked to you.

No definite answer. Silence…
Just a snob thought again.

I could never judge you.
You know I don’t.

I could never hate you.
You know I won’t.

Bring me back to the days when we were one block away.
That moment when the light is red before the go.

More than words I would like to say
Words ain’t enough to play.

To the one I used to call dad,
It was me saving you.


Welcome back emotion on the line.
Your fraudulent schemes become my unreleased tracks.
Wait for it, I might get it played on the Billboard soon.

I said, No!
You just don’t know
You like the cover, but the cover is not the book.

Off with the head!
It is time to cut the grass from growing.
Never been so attractive to me. Not a bit.

I said, No!
You keep on coming back, but I said, No!
Close much? I just want to hit you with a shrug!

Back off!
You say sorry, but I’m sorry, No!
You know nothing and you’ll never know

I said, No!
Do not say sorry when everyone’s watching.
I might think this one’s for show.

When you think I’m finished – think again!
I have only just begun.
I cut you off!

I said, No!
That’s a no, no!
Case closed. The End.