The Mind of an Idiot/So it Goes…

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Call it a regular. Call it something unrecognizable. Does something require anything? Does it require you to pay for a cause? For a cost? A debt to pay? And IOU’s? The mind of an idiot is far more better than the mind of an “intellect” wherein an idiot does nothing to prove nothing while an intellect does something to prove anything unusual just to prove a point. What a ten-cent worth! Name the price. It costs you, life.

Life starts here. At the end of the rainbow, there is a pot of gold waiting for you to claim the prize. So, what’s the prize? Oh, a ten-cent worth made up of clichés and norms with a bonus track – “Shame on you!” Congratulations! It’s a celebration! You win!

And as for me, the only consolation I received is to lie here in my bed and put these memories to rest for a bit. After all, I have the mind of an idiot. I’d rather have “The Mind of an Idiot” than having that sound alluring to the ears, “Ka-ching! Ka-ching! I’ll be rich!”

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Me, just trying to understand something then trying to process it and the moment I knew it, I instantly smiled and looked back not regretting it, but owning it. Just me, trying to embrace the preconceived notions throwing on my pedestal. I carry the weight of it and my heavy heart as if I’m Atlas, carrying the weight of the world like no one’s gonna help me, just me alone suffering the irrevocable curse bestowed upon me.

Flashback to my mistaken turns. Flashback to my gift of faults. Flashback to the songs, poems, essays written out of pain. Flashback to the name carved in the tombstone in the name of being honest. Flashback to the foreshadowing emerging out of the blue of chaos, depression, light vs dark era, drowning moments at the dead sea, “Vincent Van Gogh or Taylor Swift” lifelike happenstance, to the names they called and to the stories they told…

Finally, I am me again. I want to remember this moment. Or that moment.


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