I smell your colors.
Scattered with ink of different personalities beyond imaginary lines
I hoped to be extraordinary but brutally unstable.
I have seen you from a far.
I have seen your art – your stain.
I can still see you.
You can’t hide on me.

You put a number on me.
Stabbing me.
Pulling me.
Shading me.
Changing summer into winter.
Hanging me from your tree of unhappiness
wondering what it is I’m looking for or what is in store in your mind,
In your heart,
In your head,
In your soul.

How famished you are in the dark!
Are you hungry for more?
‘cause you keep on coming back for more!
Plagiarizing terms of your creator like saying,
“Hey! Whatever, I invented you!”
No acknowledgement needed.
No credits.
No shoutouts.

Just a juvenile scam; never a quitter.
A camouflage.
A copyright infringement intended.
Just pretenders and sirens.
Boom… gone.
We moved on.
Who’s laughing now?
I gotta laugh!
Leaving you with my permanent mark.

Trees as something definitive and exquisite in nature.
Trees: Standing tall, but a furniture in display.

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